Beautiful countryside, a museum without a wall – Yacheng Village

People’s Network Sana October 10 (Liu Yang, Li Hairong, Niu 爱上海mm自荐 Liangyu) Yazhou Ancient City Since the opening of the Han Dynasty, it has been the rule of the province, county and county, and has also been political, economic, cultural, cultural, in southern Hainan Island.Education Center and military key town.

Ji Yicheng Village is located in this ancient city, not only with picturesque farm landscape, but also a strong city of well.As the series of measures have a sound, Cliff City Village is looking for development, clarifies the development ideas, and has come out of a new road.The villagers have rich life and the environment is better.Standing in the ancient city wall, Yacheng Xue Palace, village trail … is 上海最大的洗浴中心 demonstrating the smuggling and vitality of Cliff City Village, and the "dirty village" "Dirty Village" is "civilized village", which has become a happy 爱上海419论坛 home, tourists.Leisure park.Extend reading.


Especial La Franja Y La Ruta Podría Ser Mecanismo 上海华亭品茶 Eficaz Para Contrarrestar Daos de Covid

. MéXICO, 7jul (Xinhua) – LainiciativachinadelaFranjaylaRutapodríacompensardealgunaformalosdaoseconómicosdelnuevocoronavirusyayudararestablecerelcomercioglobalunavezterminadalafaseelevadadelapandemia, ídicasdelaUniversidadNacionalAutónomadeMéxico (UNAM), ArturoOropeza, indicóquelaestrategiapodríaservircomouna "plataformadereposicionamientohacialaconfeccióndenuevosmercados", 上海按摩论坛 todavezquelaCOVID-19hamostradoquelosmodelostradicionalestienen "topesylimitantes" "Enlafaseenlaquenosencontramoshoy, lejosdelfindelaCOVID-19, vemosquelaseconomíasquemejorhanestadorespondiendoalapandemiasonlasdeAsiadeleste", indicóelexpertoenlapresentacióndellibro "LaFranjaylaRuta: unatransformaciónglobal" .Agregóque "elesquemadegananciasdeLaFranjaylaRutahamostradoserunainerciaganadora, 上海工作室女微信号 queenmediodelapandemiasiguesiendoganadora, ydifícilmentetendráelposiblecolapsoquetendríanotrotipodeintegraciones ".EllibroquecoordinóOropezadesmenuzaencuatrocapítuloslainiciativachina-puestaenmarchaenel2013-medianteunaseriedeensayosdemásde20especialistasde Asia, AmémientoEconómico (IDIC), JoséLuisdelaCruz, coincidióconOropezaenqueLaFranjaylaRutarepresentaunodelospocosproyectosglobalesvigentesparahacerfrentealaCOVID-19. "LoquelainiciativadeLaFranjaylaRutaconfiguraesunapropuestageopolítica, geoeconómicadeintegración, quellegaenmomentosenlosquehayvacíosdepoderenOccidente, elcualseencuentrahuérfanodeideas", indicóóque "adiferenciadeotrosmomentosdefinitoriosenlahistoriadelahumanidad, comolaSegundaGuerraMundial, hoyenOccidentenovemosunainiciativaounliderazgodeordenglobal" .Otrodeloslogrosdelainiciativaesqueestámotivandounafuerteintegración "intraindustrial", quenosoloimplicaaspectoscomerciales, yenloscualesChinatieneunclaroliderazgoconeldesarrollodelareddetelecomunicacionesdequintageneración (5G), apuntó.Enestadirección, eldirectordeestrategiadelafirmachinaHuaweiparaLatinoamérica, Joaquínsaldaa, ExplicóqueElretohadelantedelaniciativachinasconfiguraunicia "RutadigitalDeleaseDa", APROVECHANDELASTRUCTURAQUEOFRECLAESTRUCTURAQUEOFRECLATECNOLOGES,labandamásanchaylasmejorasenlavelocidaddelintercambiodedatosestáderivandoenlaaparicióndenuevosserviciosparaelconsumidor, indicó.Comoejemplo, eldirectivocitótambiénlosavancesquehatenidoChinaenaosrecientes "ymásaunconlaCOVID-19" entérminosdealcanzarunamayorpenetraciónfinanciera. "Esmuyimportanteverlocontodosloselementosquevaateneranivelglobalunproyectoconunagranenvergaduracomola5G", indicóóenque "todaestatecnología, además, estábasadaenestándaresinternacionalesquenosllevanacumplirconprotocolosdecomunicaciónenloscualesvanapoderparticipartodoslosactoresdelatecnologíadigital, estápensadaparaserunaplataformaabierta" ..


Fangchenggang to create more than 100 billion yuan new energy equipment industry cluster

On October 16, the Signation Ceremony of the New Energy Equipment Industry Cluster Construction and the Maritime Wind Power Resources Development and Cooperation Agreement was held in Nanning. The ceremony, Fangchenggang City and Guangxi Guangtou Energy Group Co., Ltd., China Guangki New Energy Holdings Co., Ltd. Guangxi Branch, Mingyang New Energy Investment Holding Group Co., Ltd. signed a cooperation framework agreement.

The four parties will join hands to promote the construction of new energy equipment industries in the Fangchenggang City and the development of maritime wind power resources. According to the agreement, the signing of the four parties with 上海杨浦区会所 "local government + sea wind power development central enterprises + local energy development enterprises + sea wind power equipment manufacturing enterprises", actively participate in the development of Guangxi sea wind power resources, promote the development and construction of new energy equipment manufacturing industries in Fangchenggang.

It introduces installment 上海新茶500 or cooperation into the core of sea wind turbines, leaves, etc. It is understood that according to the "Guangxi Maritime Wind Power Development Plan (2021-2030)", there are 4 sea wind farm field regions in the Fangchenggang sea area, and the planned head-loaded machine has exceeded 5 million kilowatts. Among them, there are two areas for the near-sea field, the offshore distance, and the wind resources are better, with a total of 900,000 kilowatts installed capacity. Recently, Fangchenggang City focused on building a Fangchenggang sea wind power equipment manufacturing industry park.

The park covers an area of ??about 800 mu, with a total investment of 10.5 billion yuan, divided into three constructions. The first phase of cooperation investment is about 2 billion yuan, accounting for about 200 mu, which is planned 上海桑水磨拿会所698 to build a host, blade, tower, and other equipment manufacturing bases at the end of 2022. After all the projects were completed, it was finally built a new energy equipment industry cluster invested more than 10 billion yuan and over 100 billion yuan. (Reporter / Zhang Chain) (Editor: Chen Li Bing, Xu Weiwen) Sharing let more people see.


Biden clarified that the United States did not change the policy, and did not encourage "Taiwan independence".

US President Biden.

(Photo taken from Taiwan Media) China Taiwan Net November 18th comprehensive external electricity and Taiwan media reports The United States does not encourage "Taiwan independence".

In addition, the White House officials also said that the United States has repeatedly reiterated the position of "Taiwan independence".

My Ministry of Foreign Affairs also emphasized that the so-called "Taiwan Relationship Law" and "six guarantees" on Taiwan are illegal and invalid.

  White House: The United States has reaffirmed 闵行会所你懂的 that "Taiwan independence" is not supported at different times. After meeting with the first video of China, a white honest official said that the United States has made a briefing that the United States has reaffirmed the position at different times, and there are many white hood officials. I said that the United States does not support "Taiwan independence".

  Biden clarified: The US 上海松江保健一条街 government did not encourage "Taiwan independence" reported that in the 17th, it was said that China and the United States had made progress in Taiwan’s topics, he has expressed its clear to China, the United States abide by the so-called "Taiwan Relations". Later, Biden is clarified to the media. The US government has not changed at all, and will not encourage "Taiwan independence", but encourage the Taiwan authorities to act according to the so-called "Taiwan Relations". The report also said that this is not to be confused when he is talking about Taiwan’s topics.

In the last month, he attended the Civil Forum held by the American Cable TV News Network. If Taiwan is "force recovery" by the mainland, the United States will jump out to defend Taiwan.

After that, the White House quickly clarified, saying that this does not mean that the United States has changed policy.

  Su Li Wen: China Flower "A Large Time" Discussing Taiwan Topics US National Security Adviser Su Li Wen also said that the first video of China and US dollars will meet "a lot of time" to discuss Taiwan issues, and Biden reiterates the United States in the "Taiwan Relations" in China. "Three Chinese policies under the framework of" Six Guarantees "framework. Biden also explicitly expressed concerns about the future of Taiwan in the United States.

  Ministry of Foreign Affairs: The so-called "Taiwan Relationship Law" is an illegal and invalid Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Zhao Lilian emphasized at the routine reporter meeting on the 17th that the US should comply with the three joint communiques of China, this is The important political consensus of the United States is also the political foundation of Sino-US relations. Zhao Lijian said that the so-called "relationship with the Taiwan" is also good, and the "six guarantees" on Taiwan are all, these are purely in the United States, and there are three joint publicists in the United States. The essence is the United States. The law is illegal and invalid on the international obligations.

  National Taiwan Affairs Office: Sino-US dollar’s first video meeting is very clear. The National Table Office spokesperson Zhu Fenglian said in consultation, and it is very clear about the content of China ‘s first video meeting. The US does not support "Taiwan independence" is a position that the US government has repeatedly reaffirmed again. It is impossible to try to rely on external forces to seek "unique" forces to rely on external forces. For all provocations and even break through the diameter of the red line, we will take tomorrow.

(China Taiwan Network Wu Yi).


Continuously improve the work results of Lidshu people (new knowledge)

  Red resources are the witness of our party’s hundred years of struggle, is the most precious spiritual wealth. General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out when he presided over the 31st collective study of the Central Political Bureau. It is necessary to protect the use of efforts to protect, manage, and use a red resource. Do a good job in the history of the youth, the history of new China, the history of reform and opening up, and the history of socialist development, demanding that colleges and universities actively play, fully utilize red resources, further enhance ideological and political work, cohesive, constantly improve Lid Tree The results of people work.

  Pay attention to the important role of playing revolutionary cultural relics. The party center with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core attaches great importance to red resource utilization, red gene inheritance.

General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized that the protection of revolutionary cultural relics, promoting revolutionary culture, inheriting red genes, is the common responsibility of the whole party’s whole society; demand effectively protects the revolutionary cultural relics, good management, good use, good revolutionary cultural relics An important role in education, revolutionary traditional education, patriotic education, etc. In the past a hundred years of struggle, our party has left a large number of revolutionary sites, remains of legacy and physical information. These cultural relics record the party’s glorious history, which is the precious spiritual wealth. Colleges and universities must pay attention to the importance of playing revolutionary cultural relics in the "four history" publicity and education, guiding tentative and political teachers and young students to strengthen research interpretation, excavate ideological connotation, highlight value leading, strengthen education functions, and carrying revolutionary cultural relics to carry the party and people carrying revolutionary cultural relics The glorious history of heroic struggle is good, telling the great history of the Chinese revolution recorded by the revolutionary cultural relics, putting the promotion of revolutionary traditions and revolutionary culture, strengthening the construction of socialist spiritual civilization, inspiring patriotic enthusiasm, and invigorating the national spirit.

Focus on the characteristic classroom of "four history" publicity and education, organize young students to visit the revolutionary cultural relics exhibition, and see the spirit of people see the spirit, effectively promote the "four history" publicity and education into the brain into the heart, go deep.

  Pay attention to the role of classroom teaching. Colleges and universities undertake the fundamental tasks of Lidshu people, with centralized, systematic, continuous teaching advantages, is the main channel for young students to carry out the "four history" publicity and education.

Young students in the new era are in a peaceful environment. Some young students have not experienced the system’s revolutionary traditional education and red cultural influence, and it is easy to have ideals and 闵行区水磨 beliefs, and ideological landslides.

Colleges and universities must grasp the characteristics of "four history" publicity and education, innovate teaching concepts and means, fully use the red resources, guide young students to figure out why the Chinese Communist Party can, why, why is the basic truth of socialism with Chinese characteristics, deepen For the understanding and understanding of 上海外菜vx the party’s history, deepen the understanding and understanding of the party’s theory, constantly enhance the belief in Marxism, the belief of socialism with Chinese characteristics, to realize the confidence of the Chinese nation’s great rejuvenation Chinese dream, and standby Renaissance to the era of revival.

  Pay attention to the role of playing social practice. General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: "The society is a big class.

"Doing a good job in the publicity and education of young students, you can’t stay in the book, stop in the classroom, and pay attention to drawing nutrients and motivation from the social classroom. University must fully use the patriotic education base, revolutionary site, museum, The red resources in the memorial hall, the exhibition hall and other venues, play the exemplary role of the hero model, advanced typical and other groups, using volunteer services, discuss exchanges, etc., so that young students feel the same, see the sage.

In the experiential, interactive education to play a social classroom role, let young students better entered history, touch history, feel history, remember history, and further understand the red regime is not easy, new China is not easy, Chinese characteristics It is not easy to get the pain, and the past, the sun is now through and the bright future, enhance the "four confidence", integrate your little, the big, the big, the people, let go, let go of the beautiful dream, write Human chapter. (Author: Zhejiang Normal University).


Do a message to help college students have to go back to the salary

Message screenshot message Original Dear Governor, Hello! I am a large number of Hainanese University, in the first summer, the educational teacher, the high-English teacher, and the job is to make the early high school students to make English.

I have been in progress on July 4, and I left on July 31 due to the cause of the epidemic. The agency said that the wage in July was sent in August, and the time salary was 15 to 20 per month, so I have been waiting until August 20, still no hair, August 1 has been announced. At the same time, they secretly on the class, they also dragged our wages and wages. The wages of many employees were not issued. He has been waiting until the end of the month, and the finances are still waiting for the notice. I have been dragging today, I have passed a month, I have no living expenses, I have no living expenses. The family needs surgery, but they deliberately drag our 上海油压会所 wages, the big four has started school, I need this money to pay tuition fees, I hope you can help me, thank you! Below is the evidence I have passed the class, and the photo before the signing of the agreement is signed. When the class is taken, the salaries and the documents they have sent.

Reply to the original Hainan Province, Zhangzhou City, Hainan City, Xinyi, Hello, you! After seeing your message on the People’s Network, we attach great importance to the investigation of the questions reflected, and the reply is as follows: Coordination by the relevant departments of our city, the training institution has arreled employee wages on September 10, 2021. All full is issued to a personal bank account.

Thank you for your understanding and support! What do you have to solve? Welcome to the People’s Network "Leader 上海龙凤网交友论坛 Message Board" message to tell your difficult things and annoying.


Gansu Province standardized non-grid direct 上海新茶嫩茶 power supply price behavior

Original title: Our province regulates non-grid direct power supply price behavior, the Gansu Provincial Development and Reform Commission, the Provincial Housing and Construction Department, the Provincial Market Supervision Administration jointly issued the "Notice on Further Regulating Non-Grid Direct Power Supply Price Behavior." This is an unreasonable for rectification of non-grid-powered power supply to ensure that all policy divides are transmitted to end users, effectively reducing the cost of electricity and commercial enterprises and residents.

"Notice" proposes that non-grid power supply main body must not add other fees in the terminal user electricity bill.

Terminal users with a meter conditions are implemented in accordance with the sales 上海娱乐地图mm自荐 price of the government; end users who do not have a meter conditions, electricity bills are fairly equipped by end users. Property public parts, shared facilities and supporting facilities, operating and maintenance, etc.

Encourage non-grid power supply mains involved in the electricity market transaction to transfer price dividends to end users.

"Notice" requires that power grid companies should comprehensively master the scale of non-power grid direct power supply users, and study "a family of one table" renovation plan, step-by-step "one house", strong, and clearing the meaning of the gaming relationship The old communities that meet the access conditions are prioritized to implement the transformation, speeding up the implementation of industrial and commercial users 上海郊区品茶 with "one house" condition. For the planning of new residential residential communities (including independent property shops), the housing construction department should strengthen the source control, supervise the development of the main body strictly based on the "one house" construction and renovation technical procedures for the residential power of Gansu Province, construction electricity Supporting facilities, supervising the construction drawing review institutions strictly follow the standard review, strictly control the completion of the test, and create a prerequisite for meter reading. All local market supervision departments should increase the supervision and inspection of non-grid direct power supply prices, and resolutely clean up the non-grid power supply main body unreasonable charge, standardize non-grid direct power supply price behavior. It is necessary to control the price reduction policy in time, violation of the price increase, and more electricity charges, etc. should be severely punished according to law. All localities must increase violations, non-grid power supply subjects such as national electricity price policies, are included in the Social Credit Information Platform of Gansu Province, through the "National Enterprise Credit Information Publicity System (Gansu)" "Credit China (Gansu) website to society, And push to all relevant departments, implement joint discipline.

(Editor: Zhou Yuting, Du Yuxin) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.


Adhere to the party’s leadership (thought horror)

Why we can succeed in the past, how can we continue to succeed in the future? The Sixth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee profoundly summed up the major achievements and historical experience of the party’s 100-year struggle, and the "ten persistence" deep answered this major proposition.

In the "ten persistence", "adhere to the party’s leaders" is the first place.

Adhere to the party’s leadership, not only reviewing history, summing up experience, but also the fundamental principles we must adhere to in the future.

General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: "The history of the Chinese nation has been in modern times, the history of the Chinese Communist Party has been fully proved since the establishment of the People’s Republic of China, has fully proved that there is no Chinese Communist Party, there is no Chinese nation. Great revival. "Compared to the fundamental changes in China before and after the establishment of the Communist Party of China, it is not difficult to find that the Chinese people and the Chinese nation can reverse the historical destiny after modern times. The great achievements, the most fundamental is the strong leadership of the Chinese Communist Party. For 100 years, in order to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, the Communist Party of China has led the Chinese people to create the great achievements of the new democratic revolution, the great achievements of the socialist revolution and the construction of the reform and opening up, and the great achievements of socialist modernization, the new era 上海夜网桑拿 Chinese characteristics The great achievements of socialism, realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation entered the historical process of irreversible.

History has also continued to prove that the leadership of the Communist Party of China is the fundamental guarantee of the great revival of the Chinese nation. Without the Chinese Communist Party, there is no great revival of the Chinese nation.

The party’s leadership problem is a major issue in Marxist Junior Party. Judging from the "Party Command Gun" "Party Command Gun", "Party", the party is emphasized, "the seven aspects of the work, agriculture, business, learning, soldiers, politics, and party are emphasized." After the reform and opening up, it emphasizes the "four basic principles", and 上海红灯发廊 then to the new era, "The Characteristics of the Chinese Communist Party is the most important" characteristics of socialism with Chinese characteristics ", and the party’s leadership is always the" Dinghai God of Needs "in the prosperity of the party and the country. .

History and reality have proved that the Chinese Communist Party has a strong leadership, is the fundamental point of my country’s political stability, economic development, national unity and social stability. It is the most reliable main bone of the Chinese people when the wind is hit.

General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized: "Adhere to the party’s leadership, first in adhere to the party’s central authority and centralized leadership, this is the highest principle of the party’s leaders, and no circumstances 上海小巷子找乐子 will not be confident in any time.

"Our party has more than 95 million party members, in our country, there is more than 1.4 billion people in the big country.

Governing the largest countries in our world’s largest political parties and population, we must adhere to the party’s comprehensive leaders, especially the party’s centralized unified leadership. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the reason why the party and national undertakings have achieved historical achievements, and historical changes have, which are fundamentally in the strong leaders of Party Central Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping. "Two Establishment" reflects the common wishes of all nationalities of the whole party, and has a decisive significance for the development of the new era of the party and national career.

On the new journey, the risk test we face will only become more complicated, and even the crafts that are unimaginable.

The more close to the goal, the more the situation is complicated, the more the task is arduous, the more you have to adhere to the party’s leadership. As long as the party’s comprehensive leaders do not shake, resolutely safeguard the party’s core and party central authority, give full play to the party’s leadership and political advantages, implement the party’s leadership to all aspects of all aspects of the party and national undertakings, must ensure the whole party The people of all ethnic groups in the whole army have been united forward and won more great victories and glory on new era.

(The author is a deputy secretary of the Tsinghua University Party Committee).


Bamboo Dam Lantern "Tree" Mid-Autumn Festival Test and Heaven

  Yangcheng Evening News reporter is looking for a Guangzhou-raising laminar, a lantern, and retaining the traditional Mid-Autumn Festival, and the moon is like a mirror, and the human burning will help the month. Mid-Autumn Festival, there is a traditional custom-rich traditional custom, called "tree" Mid-Autumn Festival, each family bamboo strips, lane, painted various colors and bird beasts, fishworms and various "celebration Mid-Autumn Festival", The night of the Mid-Autumn Festival, the gandle is in the inside, with a rope to the bamboo pole, above the tile or heaven, the candle is brilliant, and wants to fight with the moon. The glory, the dowel is coming. Today, there is still a happy event in Mid-Autumn Festival in Guangzhou, but the bamboo tight lanterns are difficult. A few days ago, Yangcheng Evening News reporter found the tractor Lu Yanhong, who was hand-made, lanterns, and retired the traditional Mid-Autumn Festival.

  Academic Art: 5 years, adhere to 20 white cloth on the white cabbage in the thigh, the bamboo frame of the lanterns in the knee, Lu Yanhong bowed, bow half body, hands with the hands and tough bamboo strips , Tied it … After the grandson will go to school every day, Lu Yanhong will take the lantern in the home of Haizhu District.

A tied lantern hangs on a small catering, from the balcony, the "batch of skin orange" "Shou Tao" "Lotus" "Lian Xiong" "Yucheng" and other colorful lanterns will be born.

  Lu Yanfang turns from the color of the color.

According to Lu Yanhong, Guan Guanzhao as a wake-up, spent more than 80 years, operate a "Bai Ji" to take a shop, you are in the process of retirement, slowly learn the craftsmanship. "At that time, we were neighbors. He looked at me. I looked at him. After I retired, he said, you can help me, I have passed.

"Lu Yanhong said, at the beginning, studying, because I saw the master’s old hands and feet, ear, I feel this hand, and later do it, I like yourself, I have been holding more than 20 years. However, the lanterns It is not simple, Lu Yan Hongfu has been studying for about 5 years, and Guan Gang relieves her independent delivery to customers.

"He is very strict, 上海品茶桑拿论坛 worried that my craftsmanship will give the customer to the lantern, and others have seen it, not good.

"Pointing: The option is quite, and the steps are slightly cumbersome. Lu Yanhong is still taking the lanterns in the scraper, ruler, scissors and other tools passed down by the master." The first is to open the tea bamboo to cut the winter to the front. " Bamboo is a good shape. Lu Yanhong lifted a scraper and cut bamboo, and introduced to the reporter. I saw it under her hands. I can’t help my thumb. I didn’t touch my thumb. I didn’t touch my hand. Take it, she uses the scale The length of the bamboo is bent into three and almost the same ring, and the bamboo circle is fixed into the shaped paper.

After fixation, a hexagon border is produced, placed in the sphere, so that the entire sphere 浦东有没有水磨 is not deformed. After the "style" is completed, it will go to "laying".

Lu Yanhong was confused on the side of the bamboo frame, cutting out the fabric according to the size, paste it.

"When the spread, I have to pay attention to it. Otherwise, I have to do it. The lantern is soft; I should pay attention to the opposite side, because every side takes time to dry, if you do the neighbor It will affect the effect of the side that is just doing.

"After the wind is dry, the picture, the stroke, the embellishment can be dotted.

One of the simplest bamboo lanterns also takes 2 days to complete. Change: Innovation is not stopped, inheriting new recruits, Yanhong said that the past bamboo tight lantern is a gauze, now in order to be more durable, she improves all the cloth,, etc.

"Every time, I will go to the Zhongda Textile Business Circle to see what new materials are suitable for lanterns." The reporter saw that Lu Yanhong made the lantern, but also used a lace, the burrs. In addition to raw materials, Lu Yanhong is still improved in style. For example, through the grandson to visit toy stores, watch TV, etc., do some new animation images; such as adding springs in the lanterns, whispering, making them swaying, singing, and so on.

"Inherit, it is to keep the old generation of crafts, and add new things to the time appropriately.

Lu Yanyhong said. Although Lu Yanhong didn’t make a disciple, she is not very worried about future heritage.

"I went to Guangzhou 33rd Middle School before the epidemic, and I will also participate in non-legacy activities.

Now is an era of electronics, there is a college team to help me take the entire part of the process and make a U disk.

"Now, Lu Yanhong, who is seventeen, insists on the lanterns every day." Before doing the Mid-Autumn Festival, you will prepare for the Mid-Autumn Festival, and you have to do it in the first year.

Lu Yanhong said that she did not move like a master.

  Wen / Yangcheng Evening News Full Media Reporter Li Huikun / Yangcheng Evening News Full Media Reporter Chen Qiu Ming.


2020 Henan GDP 549.707 billion yuan Henan Province per capita disposable revenue increased by 3.8%

Original title: 2020 Henan 100 million per capita disposable revenue growth% □ Top News · Dahe Daily reporter Wang Xinchang correspondent Gao Gengmao’s total financial total income billion all-year food production 10,000 tons of all-year urban new employment personnel Annual online retail billion Feng Shuai table report is 2020 is a very extraordinary year, how is the "transcript" in Henan? On March 7th, the Henan Bureau of Statistics, the National Bureau of Statistics jointly issued the "2020 Henan National Economic and Social Development Statistics Publication" 闵行区喝茶好地方 (hereinafter referred to as "Benn"). Top News · Dahe Daily reporter combing the bulk data found that 2020, the whole year of the whole year (GDP) billion yuan, grew than the previous year. In addition, the resident consumption price index (CPI) rose by the previous year.

  Overall, Henan has produced billions of dollars in Henan, growing more than the previous year. Among them, the first industry added value billion yuan, the growth%; the secondary industry added 100 million yuan, the growth%; the tertiary industry added value 100 million yuan, and the growth% increased.

The three industrial structure is ::, the added value of the tertiary industry accounts for the proportion of the total production value to increase a percentage point than the previous year.

  In terms of financial resources, the annual finance has always incorporated 100 million yuan, which is more than the previous year. General public budget income billion, growing%; general public budget expenditure billion, growing%, among which people live account for billion yuan, growth%, accounting for the proportion of general public budget expenditures. In terms of employment, the new employment personnel in the whole year, the unemployed personnel realize thousands of employment, and the employed difficult person realizes the employment.

The new rural labor force transfer is thousands of people, and the new returns to the township, and drive the employment. At the end of the year, the rural labor transferred employment was 10,000. The total consumption price of residents rose by the above year.

  Henan is an agricultural province, agriculture, and the province’s food planting area is a thousand hectares over the year.

All-year food production is 10,000 tons, which increases 10,000 tons over the previous year.

Among them, the summer grain output is 10,000 tons, and the autumn grain produces 10,000 tons. Wheat production is 10,000 tons, all-year oil production 10,000 tons, the total output of pigs and sheep and sheep poultry in the whole year. In addition, the annual output of industrial added value over the year increases than the previous year, and the province’s fixed asset investment (excluding farmers, the same) year increases over the previous year. Everyone pays attention to the real estate field, the annual real estate development investment billion yuan, growing% over the previous year.

Among them, residential investment billions, growth%; commercial housing is sold to 10,000 square meters, growth%.

  Consumption pulling economic growth, the total retail total number of people in the province’s social consumption in the province, falling% over 上海水磨会所交友论坛 the previous year.

The online retail billion yuan in the whole year is more than the previous year. Among them, the physical commodity online retail billion dollars, growth%. In terms of foreign trade, the total value of the goods import and export in the province throughout the year, grew than the previous year.

  "Pocket has money, heart is practical".

In 2020, the per capita disposable income of the province in the whole year was increased in more than the previous year; the per capita consumption expenditure of the residents was more than the previous year.

At the end of the year, he participated in the basic endowment insurer of urban employees.

The minimum living guarantee of urban residents in the province will benefit from 200 million yuan. The remaining 上海后花园论坛 thousands of stations in the province of the whole year, all of the poverty poverty, all of the poor villages. (Editor: Huang Sha, Yang Xiana).