go home! BR Sichuan Mianyang two children were turned more than 20 years with parents 

Teng Yaishan father and son were crying in the court.

Mianyang City Public Security Bureau for the map of the husband and wife left the hometown to find the hometown of the hometown to find the hostess mass information, and the third child of Xiong Xiaohong in December 1995, Jiang Chuanjiang was born in Fengdu County, Chongqing.

Because it is a super-life, Xiong Xiaohong took the Jiang Chuangjiang, and came to the sister’s family in Tanhead Town, Fuzhou, Fujian Province. In May 1996, Xiong Xiaohong, who was going back to the hometown of Chongqing, fostered in Fuzhou’s sister’s home in the family, so that she didn’t think of it: This is the other, it is 25 years.

At that time, Xiong Xiaohong returned to Chongqing for about 10 days, and suddenly he received the letter from my sister, saying that Jiang Chuanjiang was taken away by strangers a few days ago, missing! Children are only more than 5 months! Xiong Xiaohong is like this news like a sunny day, and quickly rushed to Fuzhou and his sister to find his son.

"Even if there is a hopes, you have to find it.

"Since then, Xiong Xiaohong caught endless pain. They believe that children may still be in Fuzhou, they decided to stay in a foreign land for their son.

They walk the streets every day, report to the local public security organs, ask for help to the social organization of the relatives, and swear "can’t find the child, don’t return home." The couple stayed in Fuzhou, relying on working for livelihoods, the only thing behind get off work is to listen to the fallen of the child around. Every time I see the young children who go into the kindergarten, I can’t help but hug your child before, and I’m touched the child’s face. Many times, I have been mistaken by others "neuropathy." Just day, day after year, a year, a turn is more than 20 spring and autumn.

In 2018, Xiong Xiaohong returned to Chengdu’s big daughter at home, and her husband continued to stay in Fuzhou.

Since the Ministry of Public Security has carried out the "Reunion" action in the country, Mianyang City public security organs have fully adopted their homes to go home through discharging, verification, screening, comparison.

At the beginning of May, Xiong Xiaohong met a few death policemen in Mianyang and Beichuan Public Security Organs in a search WeChat group. A few days later, she was specially coming to the Criminal Investigation Detachment of Mianyang City Public Security Bureau to seek help.

After the police understand the situation, the United Beichuan Criminal Investigation Brigade is jointly to find disappearance of the disappearance.

In the data screening and comparison of massive electronics, DNA, the civilian police smashing and stripping and found an important clue – a Fujian youth man named Lin and the data of the missing Jiang Chuanjiang.

The Beichuan Yi Autonomous County Public Security Bureau took the initiative to lead, sent a criminal police to the Fuzhou Lianjiang County in Fuzhou City, after more, successfully found Lin Moumou, and successfully collected the other DNA blood sample. On May 28th, through the "National Public Security Organs to find abduction / missing children’s DNA information system" blind comparison: Jiang Wufa, Xiong Xiaohong couple and 25-year-old Lin have a relative relationship, Lin Mou is missing for many years Jiang Chuanjiang.

"My baby, my mother is sorry, my mother didn’t protect you.

"On July 9, Jiang Chuangjiang, which has grown up, 上海喝茶资源分享 from Fujian, came to Mianyang Municipal Public Security Bureau Criminal Investigation Detachment to recognize the scene, when he will have an old parents into the arms, three people tears full.

According to Hao Jianfeng, deployment of Mianyang Public Security Bureau, in accordance with the overall deployment of the "Reunion" action of the Ministry of Public Security, Mianyang Municipal Public Security Bureau organizes the city’s public security organs to firmly establish "meticulous, exquisite, ultimate" work standards, fine carding standards, carefully Advance the system, accurately compare the refinement, and struggle to strive for support, and to integrate the police force, implement the "special class, special person, special", "reunion" action to integrate efficient 上海闵行区会所spa operation.

From January to June this year, Mianyang City Public Security Organs use DNA blind than 57 missions, 57 people who have missing children in the years, and successfully retrieve their children for 43 lost parents. The longest time is 43 years.

Hao Jianfeng said that the current Mianyang City Public Security Organs is further strengthening the work initiatives and continues to find a number of abductions to find disappearance and abduction. It is understood that on the audience ceremony on July 9, the Mianyang Municipal Public Security Bureau decided to establish three anti-transes student named after the name of the police, namely Hu Xiangyu Studio (Mianyang Public Security Bureau Criminal Investigation Detachment), Liu Xiaohui Studio (Sanping County Public Security Bureau), Dai Liling Studio 黄浦区419娱乐会所 (Mianyang City Public Security Bureau Yucheng District Branch).

The purpose of establishing a civilian personal anti-trace studio is to crack the masses to lose their child after the lack of the police, sampling difficult, looking for a problem, finding more than the year or last years, have been abducted, helping more families to achieve reunion.

(Wang Hongjiang, Tang Chao).


Building a "illegal" dress "face" Babaoshan street puts more solid

The green space in front of the community 62, due to the end of the year, weeds, and sporadic scattered a lot of domestic garbage, causing summer mosquitoes to ravage, giving surrounding residents. The street decided to upgrade the building in front of the building, retain part of the green space, reasonably cancel the dangerous tree, the dead tree, the position of Huang Feng, etc. Curative, laying the water tile, adds a leisure seat and fitness trail, and has a reasonable utilization of the surrounding area, planning a parking space, realizing the leisure and place, parking is position. It is difficult to cover the feelings of the community residents, which is difficult to cover the changes in community living.

"We belong to the old community, the infrastructure aging, the event space is shortage, indeed, this street is difficult to solve the masses, implement rain-saving shunt transformation, and 上海贵族宝贝桑拿会所 repair the rain and ditch to the door, the sewage pipe access households, also help us transform Leisure Square, too intimate! "Wang Ayi, a community resident.

Recently, the representative of the four seasons community residents sent two sides of the banner. One side gave the Babaoshan Sub-district Office "Directtentional Herald people to build a harmonious community", thank the Babaoshan Street City Management Office "How to Warm for the People".

Next, Ba Baoshan Street will continue to promote "I do practical things for the masses", with the encouragement of residents, and use the heart to respond to the people to expect, with practical actions to create a more comfortable, better quality community, Let the residents get more accumulated, happiness is more sustainable, and the 上海龙凤千花论坛 sense of security is more secure. (Zhang Lihua, Li Jian) ??(Editor: Bao Congying, Gao Xing) Share let more people see.


Chongqing Bank and Chongqing Ecological Environment Bureau reached a strategic cooperation and promoting the "double carbon" goal

  Signing the site.

Introduction to the map of Chongqing Bank, the signing is the first cooperation between Chongqing Financial Institutions and the Municipal Ecological Environment Department, which specializes in promoting the "double carbon" target, and further deepening the government and bank linkage, establish and improve Chongqing climate investment financing. The service system, play an important measure of the optimization of resource allocation functions in capital market.

上海高端工作室服务 According to the agreement, the Chongqing Ecological Environment Bureau is planned to promote the establishment of climate investment and financing policy standards, market organizations, basic capacity construction and other systems to establish and improve, promote major projects and regional pilot demonstration zones; Chongqing Bank fully exerts local legal banks’ system advantages, products Advantages and service 嘉定区419在哪里 advantages, using "green credit + green bond + green lease + green consumption", it is planned to provide 50 billion yuan in the next five years to help Chongqing Carbon, carbon neutral and climate-funded financing projects. support.

  As the first "A + H" listed in the western region, the seventh equatorial bank in China, the Chongqing Bank has always positively practiced and supports the ecological environment, and the social and economic green transformation is comprehensively promoted.

As of the end of August 2021, Chongqing Bank’s green financial balance exceeded 20 billion, and the growth rate of green loans in the past two years increased by more than 60%; accumulated green financial bonds 8 billion, ranking first.

  The relevant person in charge of the Chongqing Bank said it will be signed as an opportunity with the strategic cooperation agreement. As always, the green financial development will promote the development of climate investment in a more active attitude to lead business development, with more powerful means to help low Carbon transformation, in order to build an ecological barrier in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River, achieve efficient industries, good ecology, and great contribution of energy. (Hu Hong, Zhang Rui) (Editor: Cover Pure, Zhang Wei) Sharing let more people see.


Front-line fight against SARS "hard-core warm" cold night, a "white" in boxing

[REVIEW] Recently, a section called hard-core users raised concerns heating. Video, one wearing protective clothing sealed in epidemic control personnel on duty are boxing card points.

This name is Ningbo patrol officers on duty (special) police detachment players Li Jinlong. 上海品茶自带工作室 Day morning, in order to eliminate sleepy, but also for warmth, are Zhenhai Li Jinlong card points on duty on practicing police body punches. 03:51 Ningbo Municipal Public Security Bureau patrol (special) police detachment Li Jinlong: Probably three or four o’clock in the evening, the weather is cold, and coupled with the vehicle is relatively small, less staff, but also more boring.

Many of our colleagues are 上海品茶红场 doing some push-ups, beat boxing, pressure stretching, cold weather can warm up.

December 6, Ningbo City, informed the three cases of the new virus crown positive cases, special police detachment to enter full Beiqin state.

At 0:20 on the 7th, Li Jinlong received an emergency command, support Zhenhai, closed the region to participate in management and control.

Ningbo Municipal Public Security Bureau patrol (special) police detachment Li Jinlong: my clothes took this one, but with two sets of underwear.

Where we also need where to move, completely obey orders.

Before 2005, Li Jinlong is a Chinese Snow Leopard armed police commandos after by retired civil service exam to enter into sixth place in Zhejiang Ningbo City patrol special police detachment, he became a sniper.

Ningbo Municipal Public Security Bureau patrol (special) police detachment Li Jinlong: a former sniper, also participated in the national competition, including the East.

Now we are in Ningbo Patrol (special) detachment of riot police brigade.

We mainly at the sudden, riot-based, usually if mainly training, competition, maintaining stability, handling emergencies, as well as major events security. Special career year and his family together far more than, 2008 earthquake reinforcements, G20 security, the end of the 19 new crown epidemic prevention and control, etc., often have to travel three consecutive five months.

Li Jinlong son in junior high school or after heating hardcore video in social media platforms to fire up, did not know his father to the epidemic prevention and control of Zhenhai support. Ningbo Municipal Public Security Bureau patrol (special) police detachment Li Jinlong: from small to large are basically my wife brought up the child, because my parents are at home.

Little time back home. Since the soldiers and participate in the work, can not do once a year.

Ideally then if could go back once a year, so it is relatively guilt of their parents, I have always been this feeling. Zhenhai to the affected areas, Li Jinlong daily work is on duty, guard, persuaded to return people want out, and patiently answered questions nearby residents. Let Li Jinlong moved, nearby residents are very supportive of his work. Ningbo Municipal Public Security Bureau patrol (special) police detachment Li Jinlong: I feel Ningbo city was quite warm, especially at night time to send us buns, including easy to send to send mineral water, people are very enthusiastic, very warm our hearts. Whether government or the people concerned, we actively cooperate, including health care workers, including workers in our community, we are all the same masses together.

When talking about his boxing warm attention of video and thumbs up on the network, Li Jinlong admitted that in addition to feel the warmth of friends from outside, but also surprised.

Ningbo Municipal Public Security Bureau patrol (special) police detachment Li Jinlong: our colleagues around include comrades, there are traffic police, when he was on duty at night, these are a very common act normal.

I just happened to be shot down by the camera, in fact we are surrounded by many of my colleagues, they all pay in the silence. You find this article:


Anhui will optimize approval services to speed up the project

The approval time limit is the fastest compression to 16 working days, and the Anhui Provincial Department of Construction has issued a package of policies and optimizes approval services to speed up the project. According to the latest requirements, the housing municipal engineering approval is limited to the "red line", and requires the implementation of "Standard Ground + Positive List + Notification Commitment" in the province. Reducing the time limit of the approval period is up to 16 working days, before 2021, the government investment project construction project approval time limit is within 80 working days, and the social investment project construction project is compressed to 60 working days, industrial engineering construction The project is compressed to 30 working days, and the implementation of small social investment low-risk engineering construction projects in the "Standard Land" reform is compressed to 16 working days, and the urban old community renovation and other peoplensheng project construction projects are compressed to 40 working days. In the decoration and decorative class, the installation of elevator project is compressed to 20 working days. Before the end of July 2021, each city, county project construction project examination and approval integrated service window completed the approval of the examination and approval management system, and adjusted, announced all kinds of approval matters. Accelerating regional assessment costs shall not be assured by the market body to the end of 2021, the provincial-level (including provincial) development zones is complicated with important mineral resources, environmental impact, energy saving, geological disasters, dangerous, seismic safety, water resources, soil and soil and soil remained, Cultural relic protection, climate feasibility, etc. Evaluation evaluation matters are all completed, and the completion rate of the development zone below is not less than 50% below the provincial level.

Regional assessment is implemented by the Municipal People’s Government of the District.

The regional assessment area is not repeatedly raised separately in the regional market entities. Regional assessment costs shall not be borne by the market body. After the technical review and administrative examination and approval, the various types of regional assessment results should be embedded in the municipal engineering construction project approval management system for market entities.

If the regional assessment, the government-related departments should inform the construction 上海spa会所推荐 requirements of the construction unit before the land transfer or allocation, and clearly can streamline approval matters, declaration materials, proceed, and approval time limits. Reconstruction approval process cancels a batch of non-essential approval matters, Anhui will further streamline approval matters, based on the basic list of examination and approval matters in the province, the city will cancel a batch of non-上海419龙凤桑拿网essentials or pass afterwards The method of approves the administrative target, timely adjustment, and publishes a "one form" in each approval phase.

There must be no additional approval matters outside of the list, and may not continue to implement or change the implementation of the country, and the province has canceled.

Optimize approval methods, strictly control the approval process, and implement timeout default system for each examination and approval. Promoting the minimal examination system at all phases, at the earliest point of time and each approval phase starts, guide the construction unit to fill in the table, one-time declaration. Merging the works of people’s livelihood projects such as small social investment low risk projects and urban old community transformations and construction licensing stages, and improve approval efficiency.

Actively implement the "Standard Ground + Positive List System + Notification System" in the province.

For regional industrial projects or social investment small low-risk projects that have implemented "standard land" reforms, the government departments are listed before the land transfer, and the basic elements "of" Take the land "and the" front list "and safety, environmental protection, "Negative List" of rigidity requirements such as energy consumption. The construction unit has achieved the construction site to meet the conditions of starting conditions, and the relevant certificates directly issued by the relevant government departments, and the project can start construction. (Reporter Wu Qi) (Editor: Guan Fei, Li Vu) Sharing let more people see.


19 collectives from 23 people in Liaoning won the national depletion of poverty

Original title: 23 people in our province have been awarded the national deformed admission to the country. On February 25th, the National Defioved Crescent Summary Commendation Conference was 上海贵族宝贝龙凤 held in Beijing, and the province Wei Huan and other 23, Kangping County Poverty Alleviation Development Leading Group Office and other four collectives They have won the national universal advition of advanced individuals and the national decentralization of advanced collective.

  The Provincial Party Committee, the provincial government insists on the provision of poverty as an important political task and the first people’s livelihood project, high-level 上海美女品茶 promotion, perceived, and take off the poverty to achieve comprehensive victory.

Under the province’s joint efforts, it not only completed the target mission of the poverty reduction, but the income of poor groups was greatly improved, and the production and living conditions and public service levels in poverty are significantly improved.

  In the great practice of poverty reduction, our province has emerged a large number of outstanding party members and cadres, the first secretary of the village, the entrepreneur, the leader, and the collective, social love group, etc., their heart is poor, as a Brave innovation, help to take off the poverty.

Advanced typical modeling effects, incentive, party organizations and majority of cadres in the province, have made great contributions to our province to 上海私人品茶 win off poverty in the province.

  Representatives who have received the national deformed adventures and national privileges have said that there is no comprehensive well-off, and there is no prosperity and stability of the peasants. It is not a final point, but a new life, The starting point of the new struggle.

They will continue to refuel in their own jobs, and consolidate the expansion of poverty in the province to implement rural resolution strategies to contribute their own power.

(Editor: Wang Swun, Don Long).


Changshou accelerated construction new material industrial ecosystem

  The longevity is open area, and the workers are producing new materials.

(Reporter) Two asbestos wires 上海后花园419最新 are placed on the shape of the shape, heating with the alcohol lamp, and the leaves are instantly burnt, and the other is intact. On October 8th, Hualand New Material Co., Ltd., located in Long Shengjing District is demonstrating a group of experiments, the mystery of the leaves of the leaves lies in it below it placed a blue matter of jelly. "This material name is called a gas gel, is an excellent thermal insulation.

"The company’s person in charge, the company’s annual output of 50,000 square meters of silicon-based gas gel composite material project has been completed, and the project will be officially put into production at the end of the year.

  This is just a minority of the longevity district to create a national-level new material and advanced manufacturing base.

In recent years, the district has been demonstrated around the leading demonstration, strengthening scientific and technological innovation, forming a new material industry cluster based on polyurethane, functional film materials, etc. In 2020, the new material production in Changshou District was worth 100 million yuan, accounting for about 1/4 of the city’s share. Leading company leads to the new material industry chain Changshou District as an important sector in the main city new district, manufacturing has always been the local pillar industry, with heavy steel, Chuanwei chemical and other old companies.

In recent years, local pay close attention to the industrial chain supply chain, focus on cultivating and introducing a number of leader, strong projects, leading enterprises, building new materials and advanced manufacturing industries. "In the creation of the industry chain, we first target the core technology, with the core leadership, can make up for the leading businesses of the local industrial chain short board, and then with many" SMEs "SMEs around the leading enterprise agglomeration, forming the upper The downstream enterprises jointly promote, the interests of the interests, win – win development, the relevant person in charge of the Changshou District. In addition to Huarland Gasgel, in recent years, Changshou District has introduced the world’s first natural gas protein, the largest high-strength steel, the largest steel strand, and the largest lithium ionic membrane materials in the southwest, basically form a high-performance polymer, fiber Industrial clusters in composite materials, functional membrane materials, electronic chemicals, and silicon-based materials, laid the foundation for the initial establishment of national new materials and advanced manufacturing bases in the "14th Five-Year Plan" period.

  Intelligent transformation enhances production efficiency in Long Shengjing District, Chongqing Kohun New Material Co., Ltd. Production area, a batch of polyurethane waterproof coatings continue to transmit from automatic pipelines, after classifying prodi, then packaged out of the factory. Last year, Kobe new materials completed the intelligent transformation of the workshop, replacing the artificial operation with automatic water production, and the production operation efficiency increased by 20%. Injecting intelligent factors in production links, enhances industry chain production efficiency and benefits through large data intelligent, and accelerates the iterative upgrade of traditional industries. It is another secret that is rapidly developing in the long-lived new material industry cluster.

  "We advance the Internet, big data, intelligent and industrial economy depth.

"The relevant person in charge of the Changshou District Economic and Letter Committee introduced that in the" point ", the" point "is grasped, driving the company" machine change "; in the" line ", the production line is upgraded, and the equipment is automatically automated digital production line; on" face " Grasping system integration, building smart factories and digital workshops, and improving production standardization, automation, digitization, intelligent level.

  According to statistics, in these years, the Changshou District has been investing 100 million yuan, implemented 137 intelligent technology reform projects, has built 4 municipal intelligent chemical plants, 38 high-level digital workshops, including the project related to new materials 1/3. Science and technology innovation leads high quality development into Chuanwei Chemical, EVOH production line mechanical roar, this is a thermoplastic high barrier resin that effectively blocks oxygen in the air and is generally used in food packaging. Not long ago, the EVOH synthetic resin product developed by Chuanwei Chemical was produced by mass production, filled with gaps in this field.

  At present, longevity new materials have gathered more than 200 companies and is moving towards 100 billion industries.

"In recent years, we have enabled the industrial chain layout, increase basic research and application basic research investment efforts, and play a deep integration advantage of production and research, and empower industrial upgrades." The relevant person in charge of Changshou District said.

  Thanks to the organic linkage of the industrial chain, innovative chain, the talent chain, the EVOH, which is independent of Kawath, independently developed, more innovative results also entered the "production line" from the "laboratory", driving the new material industry from rapid growth Towards high quality development.

  "Next, we will also strengthen the regional linkage with the two rivers and new districts and Fuling, through the establishment of resource sharing, interest sharing of the development mechanism, realizing a benign interaction in industries, market, talents, etc., 上海私人订制品茶 surrounding the new materials industry chain forging, Make shortboard.

"The relevant person in charge of Changshou District said.

(Editor: Cover Pure, Liu Zhengning) Sharing let more people see.


Anhui Medical University Affiliated Suzhou Hospital unveiled

The Suzhou Hospital of Anhui Medical University is officially unveiled.

The picture was provided by Anhui Medical University. Hefei July 31 (Zhou Kun) July 30, Anhui Medical University and Suzhou Municipal People’s Government jointly opened the establishment of Suzhou Hospital, Anhui Medical University. Cao Yunxia, ??the principal of Anhui Medical University, said that the unveiling ceremony officially opened the new chapter of the school’s parties to deepen cooperation, mutual benefit, seek common development, will help the integration of both 上海会所工作室外卖 parties, with the help of the clinical medical school, in medical education, Many fields such as talent training, research collaboration have carried out better cooperation, making both parties to achieve more breakthroughs in academic exchanges, major scientific research topics, etc., and achieve more fruitful results. "This time I have signed a joint construction of the Suzhou Hospital of Suzhou City is an important measure to promote the reform of medical education. It is an inevitable choice for further improving the quality of medical services in Suzhou and even the northern China and enhances the satisfaction of people’s health services.

Cao Yunxia said.

Yang Jun, deputy secretary of Suzhou Municipal Party Committee, said that the two sides jointly established cooperation, which is conducive to Suzhou 爱上海1314品茶微信号 Municipal Hospital to promote the hospital’s early establishment of the Nobei Regional Medical Center with the advantages of Anhui Medical University in disciplines, talents, technologies, teaching and scientific research. .

It is reported that the Anhui Medical University and the Suzhou Municipal People’s Government jointly established the Suzhou Hospital of Anhui Medical University. After the opening diagnosis of Fuyang Hospital affiliated to Anhui Medical University in July 2017, the school actively promoted the medical system in Northern and Yubei, Wuxi, Weinan, and Yidong Medical System. The layout and linkage development, and the establishment of an important initiative for the medical service system of healthy Anhui Province. During the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, Anhui Medical University will be sinking through high-quality medical resources, and continuously improve the ability of the province’s 70 million people’s 爱上海同城同城 health career, improve the supply capacity of higher medical education and improve the supply of medical services. Ability and the level of medical services in the province. (Editor: Wu Siwu, Guo Yu).


2020 Tencent public welfare platform annual donation exceeding 100 million accumulated more than 400 million

Recently, Tencent public welfare announcement data: 2020 Tencent public welfare platform annual donation exceeded 100 million, accumulated more than 400 million; the total amount of donations donated to 100 million yuan, of which about 90% is used to get ruster and rural revitalization; 上海高端私人订制 more than 10,000, Tencent The relevant person in charge of the public welfare, 2020, the public welfare platform has a total of more than 20,000 projects and the poverty alleviation and rural revitalization. The public donation is 100 million yuan, and the donation of hundreds of millions of people. On August 18 this year, Tencent announced that the 200 million yuan of funds, launched the "Common Fuyu Special Plan", and in-depth combined with your own digital and technology capabilities, improved the income, the grassroots medical system, and the development of the grassroots medical system Waiting for people’s livelihood to provide continuous assistance.

In social negative emergency and disaster relief.

In July of this year, Tencent Foundation urgently donated 100 million yuan to rescue and 上海虹口桑拿会所 disaster reconstruction in the disaster area of ??10 Head Foundation.

On the platform, there is also a public offerings of more than 500 million netizens at the same time.

In terms of construction of digital emergency system, Tencent has started to build an AED first aid system. In May of this year, Tencent Foundation has donated 150 AED first aid equipment to Nanjing University through the China Red Cross Foundation; will continue to cooperate with all parties and will continue to be promoted.

In May of this year, Tencent public welfare released a new strategy: promoting the sustainable development of public welfare ecology, the strategy is based on digital technology, hoping to fully promote public welfare, health and diversification of public welfare institutions, public welfare projects and 上海微信品茶90分钟两次 user donations. The person in charge said, (Editor: Cao Wei, Li Yuan) Sharing let more people see.


British media: How much is O’Kek?

On December 1, according to Reuters, London reported on November 29, scientists are now working hard to understand the consequences of new crown virus O’K mutant strains, one of the most important questions is whether the speed of the new variant will be fast. Delta variabrates in the world world. O’K克 variant was found in southern Africa, and the World Health Organization mobilized many researchers around the world to further understand the influence of the poisonous strains for new crown epidemic. It is expected that there will be the latest research results after a few days. According to reports, there are still many problems waiting to answer, including whether O’K戎 can break through the vaccine protection, and 上海不准不开心 whether there will be more severe. However, if the spread of the new poison strain is still relatively controlled, it is not too worried about these problems.

Multiple interviewed disease experts said that there is a strong reason to believe that the effectiveness of the vaccine against Okock will decrease. The two variants of O’Koi and Gamma have many mutations, which are these mutations that make them less fragile before the vaccine.

However, Okmick has 26 unique variations, many of which are located in the area of ??vaccine antibodies.

According to the report, however, in a few months, the transmission speed of Delta variant beyond the first few varieties.

John Moore, a microbiological and immunology, a microbiology and immunology, USA, USA, said: Therefore, the real problem is how fast 上海交友qq群 O’Krai relative to Delta spread. This is the most important thing we need to know. Review Message Network reported on Reuters reported on November 29, according to Reuters, the scientists are currently working with the consequences of new crown virus O’K mutant strains, one of the most important issues is whether the communication speed of new varieties will Fast passed on the world’s major popular Delta variaries. O’K克 variant was found in southern Africa, and the World Health Organization mobilized many researchers around the world to further understand the influence of the poisonous strains for new crown epidemic. It is expected that there will be the latest research results after a few days. According to reports, there are still many problems waiting to answer, including whether O’K戎 can break through the vaccine protection, and whether there will be more severe.

However, if the spread of the new poison strain is still relatively controlled, it is not too worried about these problems.

Multiple interviewed disease experts said that there is a strong reason to believe that the effectiveness of the vaccine against Okock will decrease. The two variants of O’Koi and Gamma have many mutations, which are these mutations that make them less fragile before the vaccine. However, Okmick has 26 unique variations, many of which are located in the area of ??vaccine antibodies.

According to the report, however, in a few months, the transmission speed of Delta variant beyond the first few varieties.

John Moore, a microbiological and immunology, a microbiology and immunology, USA, USA, said: Therefore, the real problem is how fast O’Krai relative to Delta spread. This is the most important thing we need to know.

According to reports, experts said that this may also be one of the problems that must be answered.

South African officials have issued an early warning against Okeki after dozens of variant cases. Scientists will pay close attention to whether the public database reported whether the Austrian infection case begins to replace the Delta infection. Experts say this process may take three weeks to six weeks, depending on the speed of the variant. According to the report, other information should appear faster.

We will better understand the severity of this variant in two weeks. United States Beller Medical College vaccine expert and molecular virology and microbiology professor Peter Holdz said. Researchers said they hope to get answers about O’K戎 to escape the protected vaccine. The initial data will be tested from a laboratory test from blood samples of vaccination or laboratory animals.

Holdz said that it might be able to promote the specific mutations of O’Koi spread, it seems to be too different from Alpha or Delta.